Japanese woman tweets pics of herself from 10 years ago when she weighed just 16.8kg

The woman from Kyoto is in her 20s now and has a healthy weight.

A woman from Japan has posted selfies of herself on Twitter from when she weighed just 37lbs (16.8kgs).

Known only by her Twitter handle, Wild Cabbage, the woman says that she suffered years of domestic abuse at the hands of her own grandfather that led to her skeletal frame.

In a series of posts on the social media site last month, the woman spoke about how her grandfather used to refuse to feed her and also physically abused her when he caught her eating in secret.

The woman's social media handle is Wild Cabbage (Twitter/AsiaWire) 

Before she was hospitalized 10 years ago, the woman took a series of selfies looking alarmingly thin with her bones protruding from almost every part of her body. The woman is from Kyoto, central Japan.

She was abused by her grandfather (Twitter/AsiaWire)

The woman wrote how her grandfather would starve her repeatedly when she was living with him more than a decade ago.

The woman's grandfather would physically abuse her when he caught her eating (Twitter/AsiaWire) 

She said in the tweet that she was "forbidden to eat" and that her abusive grandfather allegedly used to "kick [her] in the belly". She also says in the post that when she was caught eating in secret, her grandfather used to force her to spit out the food.

Her weight just before she was rescued (Twitter)


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