Glendale pastor who sexually assaulted minor claims that 'he was at the wrong place at the wrong time'

Glendale pastor who sexually assaulted minor claims that 'he was at the wrong place at the wrong time'

Pastor Douglas Rivera became the prime suspect in the sexual assault case of a minor after police found footage of Rivera at the scene. He subsequently went on the run but eventually turned himself in.

Police in the Los Angeles County of Covina were on the hunt for 40-year-old pastor Douglas Rivera, who is thought to be complicit in the sexual assault of a minor girl. Rivera, who posted an explanation for his actions on his Instagram page and promised to turn himself into the authorities, was apprehended by the police on Sunday.

Rivera stands accused of watching two minor girls from the parking lot of the Vanlee Hotel and Suites on 1211 E Garvey Street and then masturbating to them before walking into their rooms and sexually assaulting one of them. The Covina Police Department had released his images to the public with hopes of getting any lead on his current whereabouts.

Rivera turned himself into authorities on Sunday (Source: Covina Police Department)

Police had described him as a stockily built, balding man with hair around the ears, a short beard, and prescription glasses. He was said to be driving a newer black/dark colored Dodge 4500 Ram truck with a flatbed and a large metal ramp for a tailgate. Officers had already confiscated bags and boxes of evidence after serving a search warrant at the pastor's Baldwin Park home.

He was not at home at the time the warrant was served and is reportedly married and has children. In a bid to avoid suspicion, police say he painted his truck, with several eyewitnesses in the neighborhood confirming that the truck had recently been given a paint job. One witness even said that he had painted over his truck the day police started looking for him.

Police say Rivera painted over his truck after the incident (Source: YouTube)

Officers had described his claims to turn himself in as 'self-serving' and 'an attempt to mislead people,' but a post on their Facebook page on Sunday announced that CPD detectives had successfully taken Rivera into custody without incident after the pastor, staying true to his promise, had indeed turned himself in. He has been booked for his crime and is currently being held at the Covina Police Department.

According to the department, the two minors in question were just 10 and 12-years-old and visiting as a part of a student exchange program from China. A report states that the suspect, Rivera, drove through the hotel's parking lot until he saw a lit room with open drapes during the late hours of the evening.

Police confiscated boxes of evidence from Rivera's house (Source: YouTube)