NFSW: A study reveals the queer ways people have died during masturbation

One died with slices of melted cheese on his body while sitting next to a heater with a pantyhose pulled over his head and raincoat on.

While indulging in some personal sexual gratification, did you ever pause to think that your harmless sexual escapades could actually kill you?

A study revealed that masturbation is responsible for killing around 80-100 people every year in Germany, some of whom have died in the most bizarre manner, as few masturbation-related deaths revealed.

According to Brandenburg-based forensic examiner Dr Harald Voß (pronounced as Voss), one to two people per one million inhabitants are killed by risky masturbation techniques every year in Germany in the search for the ultimate orgasm.

There are several benefits associated with self-sexual gratification, but many have died too while in the act. (Facebook)

Voß further opined that depriving oneself of oxygen (asphyxiation) is the most common reason for autoerotic deaths (accidental deaths that occur during solitary sexual activity in which some type of apparatus that was used to enhance the sexual stimulation of the deceased caused the unintentional death), followed by electric shock.


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